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Read below to see what our patients and their family members are saying about us!

  • “R&R will be highly recommended!”
  • “Nurse & Therapist were the best I have had.”
  • “My Mom’s caregiver was one of the nicest persons I have been around. She has a loving and kind approach to us. She helps above and beyond what she should! She is wonderful!”
  • “Our nurse was kind and helpful, and helped my father recover to an active lifestyle.”
  • “I could not ask for better nurses and aids.”
  • “My nurse was great, so sweet and understanding. She was interested in me and my feelings, which meant the world to me. Any question I had, she knew the answer. I was scared for this treatment & she put me at ease, and I knew I was in great hands.”
  • “If not for my nurses, I would not have recovered as soon as I did. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give all of them a 10”
  • “All the nurses sent to check me out were very excellent. I don’t believe there are better staff out there.”
  • “Everyone is so helpful and shows concern. I am especially pleased with the nurses and aides. They are dedicated to their profession and are always available and helpful. R&R is truly a 10! I would recommend it to everyone.”
  • “All employees are competent & compassionate”
  • “I have had more than three Home Care [companies] and, of all of them, your nurses are the best! I like all of them. Melissa even takes time to teach me about my meds. Thank you very very much.”
  • “Your employees go above and beyond the call of duty; they are tremendous.”
  • “I received super care & personal help from all nurses. I couldn’t have received better anywhere.”
  • “It has been a pleasure and comfort to have the R&R home team work with my family and myself! They are very professional and still very compassionate.”