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Rehabilitation and Recovery Program

An experienced home rehab team is a critical component of each patient’s recovery. Establishing a home exercise program, addressing home safety and equipment issues, and training patient/ family members are major aspects required to improve patient outcomes.

Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech Therapy, in addition to Skilled Nursing and Home Health Aide services provide a comprehensive team approach.

  • Therapists averaging 10 years experience in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation on staff at each location
  • Progress reports to referring physicians provided on patient follow-up visits
  • Specialized pathways individualized to promote “Recovery and Rehabilitation” in the patient’s home environment

Cardiac Rehabilitation

This program is designed to meet the needs of patients recovering from cardiac surgery as well as the needs of patients with new onset or exacerbation of cardiac disease. We focus on: CAD, CHF, Post MI, Post Surgical, and other cardiac patients.

Patient Benefits:

  • Allows for prompt intervention of potential complications
  • Instrumental in instituting permanent healthy lifestyle changes
  • Provides support and consistency in care between hospital discharge and Phase II Rehab
  • Smooth transition throughout home recovery
  • Lessens physiological de-conditioning resulting from a sedentary lifestyle
  • Reduces patient anxiety and increases effective coping with changes

Diabetes Health Management Program: Diabetes Living

Diabetes Living offers a practical approach to managing diabetes utilizing the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors framework. With 10 years of diabetes self-management training (DSMT) and experience, R&R Home Care, Inc. offers diabetes self-management education for the patient, caregiver and family. Our program incorporates the American Diabetes Association’s Clinical Practice Recommendations, which assert that anyone with a desire to control their diabetes – to prevent, detect, and treat the acute and chronic complications of diabetes – should be given the tools to positively change the course of their life with diabetes.

Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction Program

Pelvic Muscle Force Field (PMFF) – the key to treating incontinence

This program includes:

  • Lifestyle Change
  • Sleep
  • Food and drink
  • Self esteem
  • Physical activity
  • Recreational activity
  • Social activities
  • Intimate relationships
  • Physiological quieting

Functional goals include:

  • Restore pelvic muscle function so that there is bowel and bladder control during any activity,
  • Sleep through the night without needing to toilet,
  • Toilet every 3-4 hours,
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day,
  • Reduce offensive body odors,
  • Return to previous community activities.

Low Vision Program – Adapt-a-Vision©

This program was developed to assist individuals with low vision, helping them to improve their lives by adapting their home environment.

Services include:

  • A skilled nurse provides the initial evaluation, medication management, and teaching and training of the disease process, risk reduction, and coordination of care.
  • An occupational therapist provides home adaptation recommendations, as well as teaching and training to maximize independence in your home environment.
  • A physical therapist, registered dietitian, and social worker provide services as needed.

R&R Service Area

Providing the highest quality of home care service for all communities around Lake Ponchartrain.

Our Service Area is a 50-mile radius from our parent office in Mandeville. The Department of Health & Hospitals will allow us to go beyond our 50 mile radius for services not available by any other Home Health Agency, with written permission, on a case-by-case basis.

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