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Our Caregivers

R&R Home Care Rigorously Screens All Staff Via an Eight-Step Process:

  1. Application – Candidates next must complete our customized application. The form requests information concerning education, previous employment, clinical experience, professional and personal references, driving experience, and licensing.
  2. Reference Checking – Applicants who meet R & R standards on the application form will be subjected to a reference check.
  3. Face-to-Face Interview – The Administrator at R&R home care conducts in-depth interviews with candidates to assess their reasons for becoming home health care professionals. We explore past work experience to identify skills, accomplishments, as well as personal and career goals.
  4. Background Investigation – After an applicant has successfully completed the application and interview process, we pursue a thorough criminal background investigation as well as a check with the Federal Office of the Inspector General for Medicare and Medicaid excluded individuals.
  5. Drug Screen – Applicants who pass the criteria for the background investigation will be asked to complete a drug-screening test at a certified laboratory.
  6. TB Test – All candidates will be required to pass a TB test.
  7. Competency Testing – All employees must complete competency testing/checks prior to performing home visits and patient care.
  8. Orientation – All employees once hired must complete our comprehensive orientation process prior to conducting home health visits.